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RyxSkin Clear Bomb RyxSkin Clear Bomb
RyxSkin Clear Bomb
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¥ 2,500

The best of all? Clear Bomb is good for all skin types. Get that satisfying peeling effect that only brings

out the best of your skin.
Kindly follow recommended use in the packaging for optimal results. We highly recommend this product
to be used for a limited time only for its potency to take full effect without unwanted side effects.

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Miraku White Lotion Miraku White Lotion
Miraku White Lotion
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¥ 12,500

This is the 5 IN 1 formulated Lotion based on MIRAKU LOTION

Since our MIRAKU LOTION skin care is very effective

  • MIRAKU LOTION is formulated for the parts of our body like the knees, groin, underarms or intimate areas that we want to light up.
  • It is also good for those who are pregnant or about to give birth or have problems with stretch marks, pimples and dark spots on the body.
  • It has #collagen and #Glutathione content that helps light up and is #anti-aging in our skin
  • It regenerates and revitalizes our skin
  • MIRAKU LOTION Body lotion that results on our skin is radiant, smooth and beautiful on our body all over the body.
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